Deep Winter: A Time for Dreaming

Several years ago I created an art piece to acknowledge the letting go of a dear friend. This work has since expanded to take on the deeper mysteries of our cycles within the earth. It has come to represent the time of year where I befriend the darkness and reconnect with my inner being. Even though it is a season for rest, winter is also filled with potential as I dream of the possibilities for the upcoming year.



The Seed Dreams: handmade paper, photos, poetry
I created this piece from an intuitive place in my relationship with winter. It was therefore very rewarding to learn from  TCM acupuncture practitioner and Qi Gong teacher, Cheri Reidy that this creation was in line with the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Winter is called the Water Element, a time when our inner world is more accessible. This element is a part of a complex and harmonious part of the natural world, which offers a model of how to live in balance  with the forces around us. My own passions; journal writing and creative art exploration, lend themselves well to Cheri’s deep knowledge of how energy flows (Qi) through the body. I am therefore thrilled to be partnering with her in offering a workshop to explore the Water Element of Winter. Consider this  as a time when we can use the energy of this season to more deeply discover the essence of our self.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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  1. kfullerton says:

    What an exciting collaboration!

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