Journal Writing- building a deeper relationship with self

I’m listening to Irish poet and philosopher,  John O’Donohue , his beautiful connections between our interior and exterior worlds to no end inspire me; concepts of how to be fully engaged with living a deeply creative life. This is not restricted to a few, more so he states (which I wholeheartedly believe) that we are all artists, gifted with infinite resources of imagination.

He offers journal writing as a way to build a deeper relationship with ourself but unlike the common practise of writing down everything under the sun he suggests clearer, more focused subjects. ‘Use a beautiful journal,’ he suggests. ‘Make a title that speaks to the heart of things.’ I have just finished creating a number of winter journals, I will use one for such explorations.

My dreams have always been a subject in my journal writing. How great to just have one area to explore this. O’Donohue says that our dreams are like invitations, ‘an unexamined dream is like an opened letter.’

Another area is the conversations we have with ourselves that we really don’t want to share with others. These are ones that make us uncomfortable, ideas that stretch our edges.

A third area is when I have moments of insight or inspiration. Sometimes they bubble up from some mysterious source, appearing as a flash. Other times it’s a result of a stimulating conversation that opens ideas with unusual possibilities.

This creative journal will be a place where I can continue my inner dialogue. O’Donohue says that as the entries build up, they will carry momentum and will reveal  deeper connections with living fully. ‘The act of writing itself creates change, in this way we can attune to our highest self.’ Thank You John O’Donohue for your riches, your light is brilliant.







About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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8 Responses to Journal Writing- building a deeper relationship with self

  1. Noreen says:


  2. Simone says:

    Thanks for sharing, your an inspiration. Beautiful journals..

  3. kfullerton says:

    I love the idea of focused writing journals Joan! And I look forward to sitting and listening to the video you sent when I have a quiet and reflective moment in my day. Beautiful journals you hand made.

    • Joan Conway says:

      Kathryn. already it is proving to be a clearer way to process, I’m liking it and am curious as to how it will read once it fills.

  4. Cheri Reidy says:

    Oh Joan, you are a miner for the finer!
    A seeker of the gems to be found all around if only we are paying attention.
    You are a never ending bouquet of
    creativity and soul.

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