January Journaling: Bring in the Light

As I begin the New Year with setting intentions of how to be more fully engaged with my life, I appreciate more and more how the practice of keeping a journal has supported me. It has been a constant thread, starting in my teen years when I referred to my writing as ‘keeping a diary.’ My journal helped me then to unravel the angst of hormones and identity. It sustained me throughout more than a decade of isolation, living in the bush while raising children and learning to be in kinship with the land around me. This practice accompanied me in understanding relationships, revealing truths that I was unable to see with just my thinking self. Journal writing supported me with my emotionally challenging work at the alternate school while being my friend in all of the in between points of my life.

It is therefore fitting, in this time of clarifying how to be attuned to the world around me, that I acknowledge my lifelong practice and so have decided to combine this love with my interest in book making. This month I am offering a few workshops to encourage your own practice with writing. The first workshop will be in the creation of the journal, which in itself is a wonderful thing to learn. It is using the coptic stitch method, one of the oldest book binding techniques, which allows the pages to open flat when writing. The second workshop will be, I am hoping, an inspiration to ignite or to rekindle your own desire or interest in keeping a journal. I would like to share some of my resources that have strengthened my process, when I wanted more than to simply spill my heart on the page and watch where it would go.

As an explorer into the inner realms, this is the perfect time of year which I cannot pass by. With the growing light, even if in the subtlest of ways, let it brighten a darkened corner or reveal a hidden truth for you. If not through a journal, may you come to your own process of whatever you use as a way in, shining light on what is most important for your deeper self. All the best for you in this New Year.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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