Planting Seeds

What a joyous spring experience I had over the March break, thanks to the Terrace Public Library as well as to the Art Gallery, for inviting me to teach  a group of curious 9-11 year olds on how to make seed paper. Their enthusiasm for creative exploration as well as the atmosphere of  being surrounded by the vibrant paintings of Dawn Germyn throughout the afternoon left me as well ready to bust loose from any vestiges of winter darkness.paper seed 4

paper seed 5Seed Paper is a very clever project for kids to make as it uses simple ingredients and is a very satisfying process. Here is a quick recipe for your own enjoyment.

paper seed 3



1. Rip up paper into small pieces
2.Let soak in warm water for a couple of hours, maybe even overnight.
3.Blenderize making sure you have enough water so there is no strain on the motor of your blender.
4.Shape mixture – Put a spoonful of paper pulp mixture into the cookie cutter and use the spoon to push and move it to the sides. Sprinkle seeds onto cookie cutter and cover with additional pulp. Get it as even as you can. Make sure your shape isn’t too thin because when it dries it will get smaller, as well try not to make it too thick as it takes longer to break down, releasing the seeds into the ground.
paper seed 1paper seed 2

Happy Spring

Enjoy planting your seeds in whatever manner or realm of experience that brings you joy.


About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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2 Responses to Planting Seeds

  1. Ebi says:

    Love this! The project is just perfect for the children! Thanks for sharing Joan ❣

    • Joan Conway says:

      Thanks Eberle, yes it is super fun and engaging, not to mention offering the opportunity to talk about recycling paper, etc. Big Hug to you and your spring endeavours.

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