Full Moon Calling

I am absorbing my experience as I return from seven days at ‘The Northern Sky Meditation and Yoga Retreat.’ The land is still in my bones; the retreat was held at an off the grid backcountry ranch approx. 40 km along a Forest Service road up Hudson Bay Mountain. It is a powerful country. The wide valley bottom flanked by red rock mountains sweep upwards containing us in, and yet the valley bottom is wide and spacious with a creek running through to a small lake in the distance. Small birds startle from the brush as we walk silently along the paths bringing us always back to the land. The weather was equally powerful, systems moved through, in a day there may have been a glorious sun, hours later an intense rain shower. The clouds swirled over the mountain tops offering another depth to this amazing vista.
On the first night, the moon rose from behind the mountains, large and full as though it too was accompanying us as we journeyed inward. I did not see it again until several nights later when I awoke to my bed, tucked up in the in the loft of a lovely pine cabin, fully bathed in moonlight. The moon seemed to fill the entire window as I lay snuggled in my comforter, washing me in its white light.
My heart fills to bursting with gratitude for Jean, Phillipa, Mark and Bill, the four pillars that made this Northern experience so complete. Namaste!

                                        Full Moon Calling: collage 12×14″

Full Moon calling

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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