Serendipitous meetings

When  Susan  Mohler (originator of Mountainside Gallery) suggested that we find some creative exploration time in the studio during her recent visit to Terrace I was quick to respond. We are both drawn to collage, using layering with  words, and so after a series of playful exchanges written in haiku over email we set a date. collage day with susan 2 collage day with susan 3  Although we both knew which writing we would use, it was a pleasure as always to see the work unfold, which colours came forward, which textures or found pieces added in. We also had a short window of time, wanting to work in the cool of the morning before the incredible heat of the day settled in. Time pressures can be wonderful, taking away the desire to second guess or to overthink. collage day with susan 4collage day with susan 5

Susan’s choice

Sunday Afternoon
Wind stirring a climbing rose
Sweet thoughts drift to you

My Haiku

Alone we travel
yet our nets become tangled collage with susan 1
together we mend

This poem I wrote from a metaphor in Mark Nepo’s book ‘Seven Thousand Ways To Listen; staying close to what is sacred. A year ago his book seemed to fall out from a library shelf, becoming my lifeline in many ways. I thought of the beautiful writings in this book as I was planning a piece to create with Susan and so it was a gift to reopen it and again read his wisdom. One of the chapters that was and is so meaningful to me is called ‘Untangling the Net’. This looks at conflict and restoring connection, he writes of the need to understand that tangling is an aspect of our humanness. “When fishermen spread their nets they each take one end of the net back away from each other until the net is fully open.Then they can see the knots and tangles more easily. Once they’ve repaired it they walk the open net into the water together.” It speaks of the need to both step back and to work patiently together. A year after reading this book I explore with my art what this now means, what work of untangling I’ve begun over the year and what still needs attention. It was a gift to touch this again, not with my analytical self but through poetry and images. I am allowing this expression to sink into my body.
Thank-you Susan for sharing this time  together. It was a serendipitous meeting, bringing me back to myself once again. collage day with susan 6


About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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2 Responses to Serendipitous meetings

  1. Love the combination of haiku and imagery from you and Susann!

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