An Invitation To Play With Words

InSpring Stirrings the many years that I have been writing poetry, I have discovered that there is an interplay between working alone and having companions to share and learn from. It is a curious dynamic, the need to go inward to express the experience or image that is calling me, along with the need to get insights into my work from other poets and writers. At times, it’s been an intensely lonely experience. I’ve had the experience of wanting to yell out the door, “Where are all the poets,” living where we do in the hinterland of the North. ( Gillian Wigmore addressed this beautifully in her poem “Debbie: two things” from Unfurled; a collection of Poetry from Northern B.C. Women.) And yet this yearning has allowed me to dig deeper, to take my sights away from the most fertile areas of the south to looking for the nuggets of where we live. Somehow this makes relationships of all nature, all the more precious.
In doing so, I have also learned to take myself less seriously. Perhaps the wisdom of aging is opening to me. I see the value of play, to take opportunities to enjoy the creative experience, to explore in areas that I want to grow deeper in or simply discover because I hear a small voice calling. After all, why do we hold back from this one precious life (but that is a different conversation)?
The love of creative play is the spirit that brought Ev Bishop and me together to give a writing workshop. We are pulling together our experiences with the love of words to share some of the exercises that we have discovered and loved through our personal learning. I smile when I think of the day we have planned. We invite you to join in this day of creative adventuring. It is an invitation to play.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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