Deepening into my vision

two booksIn June of 2012 when I chose the name for my studio, I recognized that words have power, that words could embrace my vision and if I was clear, I could make it a reality. I chose Green Blossom because it reflects an image of flourishing through creative expressions. At that time I posed the question, ‘What will this look like in concrete terms?’ I felt as though I had to have it all figured out, that I had to have a list of things to offer immediately as ‘going big’ stretched me on many levels. Fortunately I was able to hear the advice from a dear friend who gave me permission to not have to pin down what I would use the studio for and to just allow space to see what would emerge. Recently I have been reflecting on this sage wisdom, especially after the last few months of holding a series of bookmaking workshops. I have discovered how much I enjoy bringing people together, whether it be friends, two sisters, an auntie and a niece, or  individuals who welcome the opportunity to meet new people and converse. This is not limited to the participants. In a recent workshop when we were appreciating the beauty of the rice papers that I chose from Paper-Ya, one woman shared her trip to Japan. She described how even the cupcakes where wrapped in the most exquisite of papers, and continued to tell of her experience in a paper making museum. I was completely entranced with her stories. All of this has helped me to recognize that  my vision for Green Blossom Studio has deepened. I see how important it is for building  connection and relationships, that its purpose need not be expressed in the ‘what’ exactly but more so in the ‘how’ of our creative work. I am pleased that I chose the word blossom, to flourish as people takes many forms, coming together through creative works is a way of being alive in the world that is very rich. I feel thankful to have this to offer.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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5 Responses to Deepening into my vision

  1. Leanne Boschman says:

    Aaah, Joan–how I look forward to visiting your studio again someday and being part of the creative connecting:)

    • Joan Conway says:

      Leanne do you remember that it was you, my dear friend who gave me such sage advice, it has stayed with me. Thank-you again 🙂

  2. Ev Bishop says:

    Wonderful, wise words–and such a wonderful vision for your blossoming studio! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Taking part in your bookmaking workshop with my sister reminded me of how important it is to keep creating, whether the projects be large or small. Every time I venture into Green Blossom, I sense that deepening awareness you are writing about. Thank you for inviting me into your space.

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