Book Making Workshops

Whether it be reading, writing or creating, I love everything about books. Making a personal journal is one expression of this and so I am really looking forward to offering several workshops this fall to share this passion. In these workshops, you will learn how to make your own beautiful book from start to finish. The binding method I will teach is the coptic stitch technique which allows you to see the exposed sewing across the backbone, as well as enabling your book to open fully. A flirty finish to this is the gauze edging on both front and back covers. In the first workshop, Sunday, October 26th,  you will create a lovely 6×9 journal, an ideal size for carrying in a handbag. The second one, Sunday November 9th,  is a larger book, 9×11.5, allowing more room for expression. It is a very satisfying feeling to personalize your book from the large variety of beautiful papers and finishing detail work, leaving you inspired for recording your thoughts, sketches, or creative writing. They also make treasured gifts. Contact me by sending a blog message, email or phone 250-635-6753 Please click on each poster and enlarge to appreciate the finish of each book.

6x9 book poster9x11.5 journal








About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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