Honouring My Mother

mom collage 1My mother, Emma Beautrice Beausoleil, was born in the month of May. Her favorite flower was the wild rose, so characteristic of her personality. She was an untamed beauty, free spirited, and filled with joy. She was also transparent, you knew what she thought and felt; her blunt responses  would just come out. One of her favorite colours was green. At one point Emma painted our kitchen a bright hue, ran out of paint half way through and thought nothing of carrying on in a different shade. She encouraged my creative spirit by being non judgmental  of my early explorations.
I chose yellow to emanate her sunny disposition but as in all works of collage when you follow intuition, what came forward later was the sense that my mother is still here, waiting on the steps of another realm. The rose, (a  photo transfer from the front cover of  Northword magazine, spring edition 2013) has a broken edge, shifting to butterflies and flower petals. This for me signifies the transitory nature of all things. The layers as well speak to the complexity of life. A time line of her family tree, her birth certificate and sections of her memorial ceremony are all embedded in the background.
Mom, you are still with me.

mother collage 2mothercollage 3mother collage 4

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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10 Responses to Honouring My Mother

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you for this Emma Joan… Our mothers leave an impression in our souls.

    • Joan Conway says:

      Patricia, you have walked beside me a few times as I shared my story of my mother, thank-you fr your friendship.

  2. Kathi says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes but also made me smile. Love the comparison of our mother to a wild rose and also the concept of her waiting on the steps. Keep creating, Joan.

    • Joan Conway says:

      Yes Kathleen, our Mother was a very genuine women, helping us to be who are today both as people and sisters

  3. lizmax2014 says:

    Joan, this is lovely…the collage, your artwork and poetic phrases all resonate…very inspiring…I love her freedom to paint the kitchen the way she wanted…a wild rose indeed…thanks for sharing it.
    Liz Forbes

  4. Ewa Luby says:

    Beautiful tribute to the one and one only……mother..only Mother like her could rise such a woman you are…..

  5. Leanne Boschman says:

    This is inspiring work, Joan! Your sharing here gave me the opportunity to catch my breath and contemplate the roots of creativity and character. So important for all the generations…

    • Joan Conway says:

      Leanne I often feel that we don’t have much opportunity in our busy days to share the importance and interconnection of our humanness, the creative path is one that gets us there, I so appreciate the times our lives have woven together in our expressions of this..

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