Explorations on Haida Gwaii

I traveled with a group of artist and writer friends  for a week retreat to Haida Gwaii. During my stay I created a hand bound book with objects found along the beach. I used precious gifts from the sea  to press into pages, stencil or to mark on paper. Book covers

My intention with this book was to combine my two loves, collage and poetry. Here are examples of some of the pages. For me they are meditations of the shoreline, sand dunes, tidal waters and of course the powerful ocean.page 1 Haida Gwaii
I wanted to express my observations in simple passages, honouring this beauty without investing too much of myself into the storypage 2 Haida Gwaii
Your tender underbelly
revealed again and again
invitations to explorepage 4 Haida Gwaii
Seaweed, feather, shell, bone
the earth as artist creates
a labyrinth along the shore
Copy of page 5 Haida Gwaii

Kelp bodies twist in elaborate coils
their tails whipped tight about
each other, gather ribboned manesCopy of page 7 Haida Gwaii
All through the night                                           pressed sand, a flattened
your voice, a low drone                                        visage, expressions of liquid
pulled me under
                                                   patterns emerge in swirlspage 8 Haida Gwaii

How can we name the sounds of the sea
lush timbres                                   breathy rhythms              static repetitions
whooshing fullness                           distorted textures            thrashing collisionsCopy of page 10 Haida Gwaii

Each morning the shoreline washed                               sky’s gentle messengers float on
anew, present to each day, all                                            fragile wisps, curl upward
vestiges of yesterday erased                                               evaporate into nothingness

page 13 Haida Gwaii

Mounds of sand dunes, their soft
bodies drape over washed up logs,
hollows a haven from wind

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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2 Responses to Explorations on Haida Gwaii

  1. Liz Forbes says:

    Joan, that is exquisite. Hand made paper and the sea..my passions. I hope to see your book one day. I loved haida gwaii and Tow hill. My spiritual home.

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