Book Binding

Rumi’s poem ‘Being Woven’ came to me at a time when I needed to be reminded how deeply connected we are.
The thickets blocking the path are anything
that keeps you from that, any fear
that you may be broken to bits like a glass bottle.
This road demands courage and stamina,
yet its full of footprints! Who are these companions?”
These lines I return to again and again, have decided to create a hand bound art journal to explore my own bits of poetry and imagery connected to this question.”

beginning journal

I used 10X12″ hardboard, primed and experimented with acrylics for the background. The idea of combining the art of Mendhi, designs of temporary lacework tattoos done with henna seemed appropriate as Rumi lived in the Persian Empire in the beginning of the 12th century.
To bind the book I used a method originally  evolved from the 4th century. I like the simplicity of the exposed sewing across the backbone, as well it is one of the few methods to use with wooden covers to allow them to fully open.

Bound 10X12" journal

Embellishments such as the beaded spine make for a pleasing addition.

I am very much inspired to explore my art work and poetry in this book.

binding detail

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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13 Responses to Book Binding

  1. Patricia Vickers says:

    VERY inspiring Joan! Thank you.

  2. Eberle says:

    Wow! I love this Joan!

  3. I love it, Joan. Apparently turquoise is the color of 2013. I brought a book back from New York last summer that is all about book binding. I haven’t touched it since, but keep meaning to….

    Your journal is lovely.

  4. Cheri says:

    Thank you dear sister for continuing to show that creative energy is life! You express the ordinary in such a way as to remind of the sacred extraordinary.
    I am grateful to your footprints on the path.
    I love you!

  5. Beautiful! I love it Joan!

  6. Leslie says:

    So beautiful! This resonates deeply with me. Many years ago in Victoria I knew a musical group called Painted Path who took their name from an African tribal teaching which holds that babies are born with their life path painted on their feet. This became a touchstone for me: My path is painted on my feet, and as I walk the earth, I find my way.

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