Studio: Reflections after my Open House

Waking up Sunday morning after celebrating the completion of the first stage of the  studio, it seemed the only thing to do was build up the fire again, bring out my pot of green tea and just be with my feelings. My heart is full to overflowing with the preciousness of the evening, the abundance I feel from such an amazing community of friends and family and the gratitude for such support.

As I sit in front of the fire I once again  feel a need to acknowledge this support.   Baxter with my door
Cara for her gift of windows
Dieter  helping to  draw up my plans with his computer skills
Harold and Klaas for their  friendship and coaching support
Kathleen and Jim for their amazing gift of time, energy, and skills
Dave for his hard work  in carrying on with the project and bringing the first stage to completion
Judy and Cheri bringing over food when we were in the thick of it                    Stephanie for her inspirational gift of a raku mask
Lloyd offering  his compressor and various other tools
Ian setting up and leaving his scaffolding, saving Dave’s knees and making it that much more possible
Mike, Harold, Dieter Jim, Dave and Lloyd working together to raise the walls
Lori with her gift of a beautiful orchid- helping me to find the name                  Green Blossom Studio                                                                                                                         Our community of  friends exploring together in various creative capacities over the years and all of the people who have supported me in countless other ways who couldn’t make it that evening.

As I looked into your eyes, danced with you in the studio, hugged you as you arrived or parted,  I saw mirrored there the beauty of life.
Our collective vision where our hopes and dreams of how to live in a more authentic way feels very tangible to me.
In a conversation last night with Ann Huston, we spoke of the necessity to have  dreams, that the hardest place to be is where we cannot see the possibilities of our dreams bearing fruit, how this is a reality for many of our young people and for people struggling with mental illness. For me the human spirit seems both very fragile and incredibly resilient, and so a reminder of how important it is nurture our selves and each other

The music ended with the last of us sitting inside the studio, taking out our  drums and playing some rhythms. As I felt the sharing of those beats, again it seemed as though the collective voice of us all was echoed within those walls, the heartbeat that we share, connecting us in a passionate expression for life, bigger than ourselves, words that  Noreen spoke so beautifully to in a later conversation.
My heart is full, we are truly blessed.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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