Intuitive Painting

In the spring of 2011 I took a three month virtual study group with Annie Rousseau from The Painting Experience. After working with 8 people, having  bi-monthly group phone conversations and blogging my expressions with Annie  I knew I had to experience a more direct way of communicating my explorations. In August of 2011 I took a five day intensive workshop. What emerged both surprised and intrigued me. Intuitive painting is a very freeing experience, there is never an intention to perform, produce or succeed.  The work  is appreciated for its energy, and for the joy and presence  that I experience during the process.

I initially thought that all images had to be abstract. What I learned was its okay to start with an idea. The challenge is not to be attached to how it will turn out, only as I paint will I know where it will go.

Intuitive painting does not follow an agenda. Their is a spontaneous flow of energy as it emerges. When I get into my head, or begin to plan that is when control sets in, My body gives me the message that I am unconnected to the process by becoming, sluggish of tired.

I learn that accepting imperfection yields compassion. Risking vulnerability connects me with others. I also learn to play. It is a joyful feeling that takes form without reason.

This process is deeply meditative. I feel connected to the present moment. It is described by the Painting Experience as ‘an engaged spirituality – a practice of equanimity, presence, and learning to stay in the face of whatever arises. It’s a unique journey into the Great Mystery.’

This painting took on a life of its own. It continually grew. I added sheet after sheet of paper and after two days it was well over 10 feet long. I was amazed at what appeared out of the container. It was larger and held more then what I imagined.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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1 Response to Intuitive Painting

  1. Micky says:


    I love this post! The painting is so insipring and amazingly beautiful. What a gift you allowed yourself 🙂

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