Embracing the Past

I decided to collage a series of family  photos that I discovered when my sister and I went on a pilgrimage to learn of my fathers people. The technique of photo transfer was a wonderful process for this. It allowed me to layer black and white  photos in a way that brought them to life.  I created these pieces after I worked on a long series of  connecting poems, which  explored our journey. These pieces intermingle  fragments of poetry with images.

The map in the background is from where I grew up. What is  satisfying is the effect of how I can see the outlines of highways and borders through the images, giving it a translucent feeling.  Our connection to place seems embedded in the cellular aspects of our being. I also have many happy memories of sorting through a tin of my mothers buttons,  such simple pleasures.

This piece was powerful to work on.  As I brought colour to my father I felt on a visceral level that I was reconnecting with him. It was a very emotional experience to capture the depth of my feeling.

Here, words and images work together to portray the mystery I feel in trying to learn more of my story. The images are somewhat distorted just as memory, and yet they call to be seen, brought back to the present.

The photo of  cousins do not represent my own childhood. Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses speak to another place and time  and yet somewhere in my being that is a part of who I am.

About Joan Conway

My artistic passions are poetry and collage. But I am curious human, always exploring new mediums, new opportunities for creative expressions.
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